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Meet the Instructors

{Experienced Instructors who genuinely care}



​Sue brings a positive vibe and energy to her sessions while maintaining a fun and safe space to explore movement.  After training with Trent McEntire to recover from a shoulder injury, Sue recognized that McEntire Pilates offered a valuable problem solving method to movement and completed her Pilates certification through McEntire Pilates.  Sue is a source of inspiration for her clients demonstrated through her teaching.  In addition to Pilates, Sue helps to run the family business. A graduate of the University of Michigan, she enjoys hiking in the woods, rainy days, all things French, and a lifelong love of learning.



Thayer Jonutz brings a wealth of Pilates movement expertise as a Pilates Instructor and Educator helping both clients and Pilates professionals. Thayer's advanced level experience in Pilates, Bio-cored, and Therapeutic Pilates provides clients with the support they need to move beyond their limitations. Thayer also serves as a Professor of Dance at Oakland University and co-founder of The Take Root Dance Company. A national and international performing company, Take Root has been invited to Berlin, Germany and Seoul, South Korea to perform and teach. The company’s mission is to “connect” with as many individuals in as many diverse circles as possible.  Take Root teaches master classes throughout Michigan to all ages promoting the need for connection to the arts and arts education. As part of his work with Take Root, Thayer also hosts a Dance for Parkinson’s Disease class once a month.



Tricia is an experienced Pilates Instructor working with clients that are typically juggling demanding careers and active lifestyles. The advanced Pilates reformer classes that Tricia instructs are designed to help clients with their body's alignment and building strength -- methods that will avoid injuries and support healthy, balanced lifestyles.



Ivy has been teaching fitness and movement her entire career. Client's know her for her energizing and motivating spirit. The Pilates classes Ivy teaches are designed to challenge and  strengthen the body in an engaging and fun way. Ivy's clients often see her as a role model for staying flexible and strong as we continue to age. Learn more about Ivy and view her beautiful moves in her latest video.


Greg brings more than 20 years of movement experience to McEntire Pilates. As a Lead Pilates Instructor and Educator for both clients and Pilates instructors, Greg's clients receive his keen sense of body mechanics. Greg's clients appreciate his genuine listening ear and careful instruction, helping them to quickly move past physical barriers. In addition to working with McEntire PIlates, Greg is the Dance Program Director at Oakland University and founder of the Patterson Rhythm Pace Dance Company.


Sandy has been a fitness instructor her entire career and the Pilates classes Sandy leads reflect her enthusiasm for fitness. Designed for the sports minded client, Sandy’s classes motivate and challenge clients with advanced exercises to support their active lifestyles.


Judy is a certified Pilate’s instructor (PMA) as well as a certified Balance/Fall Prevention instructor with over 4 years instructing experience.  Coming from a demanding career in the automotive industry and being the mother of 5 children, she understands the quest to achieve work-life balance as well as the importance to safely rehabilitate due to injury or illness.  Throughout her life she maintained an active lifestyle but due to an inherited neuromuscular disease, always struggled with balance, muscle strength and endurance. These physical limitations brought her to McEntire Pilates. This system of exercise has taught her efficiency of movement by strengthening muscles, improving balance and flexibility.  Judy's goal is to share with others the wellness benefits Pilates has to offer.

Judy's supportive, compassionate approach, enable her clients to re-pattern movement thereby assisting their body for re-integration into daily activities.    


Vivian has a calm and positive energy and her ready smile and patient, supportive teaching style make it easy for her clients to achieve life-changing results. Vivian understands this first-hand. Though she experiences a grade 2 spondylolisthesis with spinal stenosis in her low back (L5/S1), McEntire Pilates enables her to continue dancing professionally. As a member of the Take Root Dance company, Vivian's dance career has taken her to Europe for performances. Vivian is also a certified and an active teacher with Dance for Parkinson's, a community program that engages people with Parkinson's Disease.



Clients love how Irma actively listens and understands where their body needs help. With a keen sense of how the body moves and an ability to assess where the body needs attention, Irma is instrumental in helping clients move with more ease. Irma conbines her love of movement with her background in science, bringing an educational background and BA in Physics and Chemistry to her work. She is certified in the McEntire Pilates Comprehensive program, Peak Pilates and Mind Body Fitness through AFFA. Irma's kind, positive and passionate approach will help you move toward your goals to a fuller life.

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