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Neuro-Movement Course

A hands-on course designed to integrate the teaching, tools, and exercises into your Pilates practice right away.

Kathy's Story...


Kathy was born with Cerebral Palsy and has used the Neuro-Movement tools to increase her gait speed by 500%.  This makes all the difference when walking across the road before the light changes.  

Dan and Marlayna's Story...


A motorcross accident and more than a month in a coma, Dan struggled with neurological problems and physical challenges. Listen to Dan and Marlayna's story to learn how PIlates and the BrainSpeed Ball helped to gain back the Brain-Body connection. 

Neuro-Movement Course

Our bodies are made up of sensors that have an amazing ability to absorb environmental information all around us. This information travels through our nervous system to the brain, where the information is prioritized, decisions are made and communicated back to the body's mechanics. So what happens when there are gaps in these sensory systems and the communication channels are not working efficiently? It can interfere with the body's ability to react, focus, coordinate, balance, and move efficiently.

In  this highly engaging course, Trent McEntire incorporates his life's work to help you learn how the body's three dominant sensory systems (visual, vestibular and proprioception) work together to help the body move. You will learn firsthand how to assess for gaps and how to apply the right tools and strategies to strengthen the three sensory input systems and improve movement for you and your clients.  


  • How the brain prioritizes sensory input from the Visual, Vestibular, and Proprioception systems 

  • 10 Neuro-Movement Tools that focus on improving sensory input (including BrainSpeed)

  • How to select the right Sensory Input Exercises and drills to ignite our brain's ability to change and acquire new patterns (Neuroplasticity)

  • How to assess your own Movement Map™ and apply the right tool to improve mobility, coordination, and focus

  • How to implement the Neuro-Movement tools right away in any situation (personal use and help those with limitations from neurological diagnosis such as Parkinson's, MS, CP, and more.) 


Course Includes: 

- 2 days of live and interactive training with Trent McEntire

- Instructional Manual

- 1 BrainSpeed Ball

- Professional Grade BrainSpeed Charts 

- Professional Grade Vestibular Training Chart

- Visual Training Tools

- 12 PMA CEC's


Who should attend this course? 

Anyone looking for new, fast and powerful ways to improve mobility, coordination, and focus!


Special Message for Professionals:  If you are a professional (Pilates Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Occupational Therapist, or Physical Therapist,  etc.), you will find the tools help your clients and patients find new abilities faster.  The tools are easy to integrate into your current practice.  Your clients and patients will find them surprisingly fun and productive.  The Neuro-Movement tools make for great homework as well. (12 PMA CEC's are provided)

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Amy Cady (California) discusses her experience with Neuro-Movement and how it helped address movement gaps in her own movement practice.

Neuro Course Dates

2021 Neuro-Movement Course Dates

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