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inside our Comprehensive 

Instructor Training

Client Centric Program

The McEntire School offers you a high quality program that prepares you for working with clients in a confident and consultative way.

Program Includes:

  • Training from experienced instructors that allow you to maintain your creative style.

  • M3 Method - our unique client centric program that will help you assess your client's needs, design safe and challenging programs, and measuring results for meeting your client's goals.

  • Comprehensive training on all equipment including Cadillac, Reformer, Chair and Mat.

  • Manuals

  • 60 Hours of Classroom Instruction

  • 200 Hours of Practice Teaching

  • 150 Hours of Personal Physical Practice

  • 40 Hours of Observation

  • Studio use for practice (varies by location)

  • Job placement opportunities

  • Qualification for national PMA Exam

  • Practical Exam

Program Pricing:

Paid in full: $5945 (save $580)

Payment Plan varies by location

International rates may vary

   What Our Students Are Saying

WOW.  WOW.  WOW.  To be very honest I knew when we talked the first time that there was something special and unique about McEntire Pilates. I had done lots of homework and couldn't find the right "fit" for me and what I wanted to learn and apply about Pilates to help my clients and myself.  So, I had high expectations, hopes, and a few butterflies in my stomach when I showed up at your studio.  My expectations were not only met- but were exceeded!  I look forward to studying and exploring our next few months!  

- Kimberly P.

The McEntire Method breaks new ground in the field of Pilates and movement.  A must program for educators and practitioners alike, which guarantees to layer valuable and integrated mind-body knowledge into their work.

- Tom Ralabate,  Associate Professor, Dance / University at Buffalo, SUNY

You will experience changes in your own body and learn how to effect similar changes in your clients.  The McEntire Method will teach you to become a better teacher.

- Amy Slowik, PT


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