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Fall 2021

Rochester, MI

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McEntire Educator

Thayer Jonutz brings with him a wealth of Pilates movement expertise to his clients as a Pilates Instructor and Educator helping both clients and Pilates professionals. Thayer's advanced level experience in Pilates, Bio-cored, and Therapeutic Pilates provides clients with the support they need to move beyond their limitations. Thayer also serves as a Professor of Dance at Oakland University and co-founder of The Take Root Dance Company. A national and international performing company, Take Root has been invited to Berlin, Germany and Seoul, South Korea to perform and teach.  The company’s mission is to “connect” with as many individuals in as many diverse circles as possible.  Take Root teaches master classes throughout Michigan to all ages promoting the need for connection to the arts and arts education. As part of his work with Take Root, Thayer also hosts a Dance for Parkinson’s Disease class once a month. 

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