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I limped into my first session after trying everything else. Within a few weeks, I felt McEntire Pilates was the solution I'd been looking for. Now, I know it was!


I no longer hesitate to pick up the golf club, tennis racquet or throw on my running shoes. McEntire discovered the root cause of my pain and now I am stronger than ever.

"Learn about our McEntire Method (M3) and how it is reflected in all of our work." 

-- Trent McEntire, Director

   McEntire Pilates


I have had back trouble all my life, until McEntire Pilates with Trent and his team. Now, my flexibility is greatly increased, as is my understanding of body mechanics.

What Are Clients are Saying

Joint Replacement

Spine Injury

Back Pain

Parkinsons' Disease

Brain Injury


Multiple Sclerosis


Sport Specific

Structural Alignment

Neurological Efficiency

Muscular Balance


Injury Prevention



Healthy Aging



Fall Prevention



Injury Prevention

What You Can Expect

Watch Trent McEntire's video and learn more about our McEntire method, what you can expect from our studio, and whether Pilates is right for you. 

The McEntire Method

We'll help you pick which programs are right for you:


Designed uniquely for you.  You will work one-on-one with one of our highly experienced instructors, who will build a custom program designed to meet your goals. At your first session, you will be guided through safe movement exercises that will allow you to understand how Pilates can make a difference in your movement.

GROUP CLASSES (5 client max)

Small group classes are designed for a maximum of 5 clients. You will always receive the personal attention you need from our experienced instructors to keep your body in alignment and moving safely. 

McEntire Reformer- Basics

Is this class for you?

Are you just getting started or seeking a gentler movement practice? The McEntire Reformer Basics class is designed for clients who are looking for more guidance and possibly movement modification.

McEntire Reformer- Intermediate

Is this class for you?

Are you feeling more confident on the reformer? The McEntire Reformer Intermediate class is for clients who have some experience with the reformer and looking for a moderate paced movement experience.

McEntire Reformer- Challenge

Is this class for you?

Are you ready for a challenge? The McEntire Reformer Challenge class is for clients who have some experience with the reformer and want a faster pace movement experience with an additional endurance challenge.

McEntire Programs

Get Started


Getting Started...

Starter Package $99


($160 Value)


2 Private Sessions

We are happy to help and look forward to connecting with you!


Studio Consult Hours are Monday - Thursday 9am - 1pm

Click the button below to send us an email request. Please include your name and times available.

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