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New to McEntire Pilates?

Request a Complimentary Session

 What you can expect...

  • You will first meet with one of our experienced instructors who will introduce you to our studio.

  • Together, we will explore questions to gain a better understanding of your goals and the activities that you are no longer able to do with ease. What are the things that you want to be able to do again? What areas of movement will help you gain your life back?    

  • Next, we will guide you through a few safe movement exercises to assess how your body and spine are aligned, your balance, and muscle activation and strength. It’s amazing what you will learn. Even high performing athletes that do Pilates for the first time, will begin to become more aware of their body. They will begin to notice inbalances that once addressed, will help them move more efficiently.

  • At the end of your Discovery session, your instructor will provide an overview of the areas we can help you with and a recommended program that will help you meet your goals.

  • We believe that once you have the feedback from your Discovery session and experienced the quality of our instruction, you will be better equipped to determine if McEntire Pilates is a good fit for you.


Complete the form below to get started with your complimentary session!
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