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McEntire Pilates
Education Summit


The McEntire Summit is designed to connect you to yourself, to your teaching, and to others. It's all about the experiences and collaborations that will give you a new sense of what you are meant to do in this world --your True North. I invite you to come and be part of the narrative. Your narrative. 

-- Trent McEntire, Summit Host

Why Come to the Summit?

+ Two full days of collaborative experiences where you can explore your True North -- that internal compass that represents who you are at your deepest level. 


+ Innovative Workshops led by inspirational movement leaders who are living and working in their True North to help you expand and discover new opportunities. 

+ Creative and fun activities to experience with other passionate professionals to fill you up and rejuvenate your energy.

+ Engaging forums to connect deeper with new and old friends. 

What Can You Expect


I come to the McEntire Summit each year, so that I can connect with those who are willing to let go of the rules. To create, connect, and experience something that only happens within this environment, because there is so much permission and love. 

                  - Jenna Zaffino

It's an experience where you are nurtured to be your self -- your BEST SELF. 

 - Wendy LaBlanc-Arbuckle

Hear From Others...

Bring home a New Energy your clients are going to love. 

          - Carol Crincoli

Every year what draws me to the McEntire Summit is the community Trent assembles where we can advance our work as individuals and as a collective. What an opportunity to explore that in a safe community… with like minds and fun, fun people.

   - Heather Vaughan-Southard


A look inside the Summit...