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The McEntire Summit is designed to connect you to yourself, to your teaching, and to others. It's all about the experiences and collaborations that will give you a new sense of what you are meant to do in this world --your True North. I invite you to come and be part of the narrative. Your narrative. 

-- Trent McEntire, Summit Host

Why Come to the Summit?

+ Two full days of collaborative experiences where you can explore your True North -- that internal compass that represents who you are at your deepest level. 


+ Innovative Workshops led by inspirational movement leaders who are living and working in their True North to help you expand and discover new opportunities. 

+ Creative and fun activities to experience with other passionate professionals to fill you up and rejuvenate your energy.

+ Engaging forums to connect deeper with new and old friends. 

What Can You Expect


I come to the McEntire Summit each year, so that I can connect with those who are willing to let go of the rules. To create, connect, and experience something that only happens within this environment, because there is so much permission and love. 

                  - Jenna Zaffino

It's an experience where you are nurtured to be your self -- your BEST SELF. 

 - Wendy LaBlanc-Arbuckle

Hear From Others...

Bring home a New Energy your clients are going to love. 

          - Carol Crincoli

Every year what draws me to the McEntire Summit is the community Trent assembles where we can advance our work as individuals and as a collective. What an opportunity to explore that in a safe community… with like minds and fun, fun people.

   - Heather Vaughan-Southard


A look inside the Summit...

  • Where is the McEntire Pilates Education Summit located?
    McEntire Pilates 637 North Main St Suite 200 Rochester, Michigan 48307 248.651.5567 ​
  • What are the dates? When do I come and go?
    The 2021 McEntire Education Summit kicks off on Friday July 9th (Doors open for registration at 10:30) and runs through Saturday July 10th at 3pm.
  • How many people will attend?
    We want to offer you a truly remarkable experience – one that is meaningful – so we limit our attendance to 70 participants. Each year we have reached our capacity.
  • What is the priority order for registrations?
    Registration availability will be issued in the following priority order: McEntire Educators Previous Attendees Early priority notification list Open to the Public
  • How much does the Summit cost? Any discounts?
    Our goal is to keep the event very affordable! Which is why the event is $195. There are no discounts offered and here is the reason – we do not make a profit on this event. We charge enough to cover our operating expenses, so that the event is affordable for all. It’s about bringing together a group of very special people to share in a meaningful experience.
  • Where can I stay?
    We are in the heart of Rochester, a beautiful and walkable town. We would recommend staying at the Royal Park Hotel (walking distance to the Summit). You can check it out here, Royal Park Hotel. Other options within driving distance: Holiday Inn Suites Crown Plaza Auburn Hills
  • Is there a nearby airport?
    You have two options, which are both 42 Miles from our studio - Bishop Flint Airport - This is a regional airport that is easier to get in and out of, however less direct flights are offered. Detroit Metro Airport - The Detroit Metro Airport is a larger airport offering more frequent flight options.
  • Will food and beverages be provided? Can I bring my own?
    We will provide water throughout the two days. Heavy appetizers and refreshments will be provided the first evening. Continental breakfast on Saturday. Lunch on Saturday. Of course, you can always bring your own if you have dietary needs or have a larger appetite. Remember to bring a water bottle that you can refill.
  • What should I bring and wear?
    Mat, walking/running shoes, clothes that feel comfortable moving in.
  • What if I need to come in late or leave early?
    If you really need to - sure, but you won’t want to miss out on any of the experiences and synergy throughout the 2 highly interactive days.
  • Have more questions?
    Send Trent McEntire an email with your question:
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