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Trent McEntire

As someone that became a professional dancer after rehabilitating his own severe movement restrictions established at birth due to Cerebral Palsy, Trent McEntire understands how the quality of life is affected by how well you can (or can't) move your body. For 20 years, he has been sharing his discoveries and method with those seeking to overcome their own movement limitations. This has culminated in the design and release of his equipment, “Arcus by McEntire”. Trent McEntire has presented his work at conferences such as Pilates Method Alliance, Pilates On Tour, and the Body Mind Expo Conference. Trent has taught workshops in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and throughout the US. He has a BFA in Dance and is a PMA-CPT. The McEntire School International is the home for the educational courses, workshops, and mentoring that have grown out of his original and ongoing discoveries.


Greg Patterson

For more than 10 years, Greg Patterson has worked with McEntire Pilates as a lead instructor educating both clients and Pilates' professionals. As a professional athlete, Greg is acutely aware of how the body moves efficiently and the importance of Therapeutic Pilates. Additionally, Greg serves as Dance Program Director at Oakland University and founder of Patterson Rhythm Pace Dance Company. Greg has been dancing professionally in the Midwest for over twenty years as a member of Harbinger Dance Company, Eisenhower Dance Ensemble (EDE), Ann Arbor Dance Works, and Rigmarole Dance Company. He has also performed as a guest artist with both the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company and the Doug Elkins Dance Company from New York. His signature piece “Who’s the Boss”, was performed in Russia as part of an EDE appearance with the Pushkin Ballet. Greg has choreographed Die Fledermaus for the Michigan Opera Theatre and this past summer, Greg choreographed "Nunsense" in Wisconsin. A native of Toledo, Ohio, Greg received his B.A. from Bowling Green State University and his M.F.A. from the University of Michigan.


Thayer Jonutz

Thayer Jonutz brings with him a wealth of Pilates movement expertise to his clients as a Pilates Instructor and Educator helping both clients and Pilates professionals. Thayer's advanced level experience in Pilates, Bio-cored, and Therapeutic Pilates provides clients with the support they need to move beyond their limitations. Thayer also serves as a Professor of Dance at Oakland University and co-founder of The Take Root Dance Company. A national and international performing company, Take Root has been invited to Berlin, Germany and Seoul, South Korea to perform and teach.  The company’s mission is to “connect” with as many individuals in as many diverse circles as possible.  Take Root teaches master classes throughout Michigan to all ages promoting the need for connection to the arts and arts education. As part of his work with Take Root, Thayer also hosts a Dance for Parkinson’s Disease class once a month. 

Lisa Guisty

Lisa graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Central Michigan University.  Since her graduation and clinical internship at Harkness Center for Dance Injuries at NYU’s Hospital for Joint Diseases, she has sought out continuing education concerning Manual Therapy & Cranial Sacral Therapy.  She is certified in Pilates and has been instructing for over 4 years and serves as an experienced Pilates Instructor with McEntire Pilates.  In addition to a dance background of over 25 years, this combination has proven to be a powerful union on helping others gain the full potential in strength and freedom in their movements that was not realized before.


Melanie McGray

Melanie is a professional modern dancer, choreographer and movement educator who’s work has traveled her through Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles where she earned her Masters Degree in Dance and Choreography from the University of California, Irvine in June 2009.  While living in San Francisco, she discovered Pilates as a way to keep her body in tune during her dance and teaching career. She obtained her certification through the Integrated Teacher Training program offered by A Body of Work, San Francisco, under the direction of Jean Sullivan, joining their staff after completion.  Since then she has taught and gained an extensive movement and rehabilitation background allowing her to individualize sessions according to clients needs and enjoys incorporating various elements of conditioning movement into her sessions including dance, yoga, Bartinieff Fundamentals, Franklin Method and Gyrotonic. Melanie’s approach encourages mind and body connection, focus on proper alignment and emphasizes the joy of full body awareness, movement and strength. She believes Pilates is key to aiding the body’s stability and health throughout its journey. 


Tricia Garrisi

Tricia Garissi is an experienced Pilates Instructor with McEntire Pilates working with clients that are advanced in their movement of Pilates methods. In addition to her work as a Pilates Instructor, Tricia also hold a career in creative design and participates in marathons. This allows Tricia to truly understand her client's motivations for work-life balance. Tricia's clients are typically juggling demanding careers and active lifestyles. Tricia's advanced Pilates reformer classes are designed to help clients build strength and continue to align their bodies to avoid injuries and support their active lives offering them true balance.


Ivy Scwartz

Ivy Scwartz has been teaching fitness and movement her whole career. She is known for her energizing and motivating spirit. Ivy teaches Pilates classes that are designed to strengthen and lengthen that are also engaging and fun. Her clients often see Ivy as a role model for staying aligned and strong as we continue to age. Learn more about Ivy and view her beautiful moves in her latest video.

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