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15 Arcus Essentials™ Videos


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Video 1- Rolling Series: Narrow

Video 2- Rolling Series (middle)

Video 3- Rolling Series (wide)

Video 4- Rolling Obliques (2 hands, 1 hand)

Video 5- Teaser Prep

Video 6- Twisting Prep

Video 7- Feet in Straps (parallel bend and stretch)

Video 8- Lower and Lift (full)

Video 9- Adduction - Abduction

Video 10- Sing Leg Press

Video 11- Single Leg Circles

Video 12- Windshield Wiper (into Pull Across/Open)

Video 13- Chest Press (standing lean)

Video 14- Chest Press (forward lunge)

Video 15- Chest Press (overhead lift)


4-part Interview with Wendy LeBlanc Arbuckle

Video 1-  Wendy's background and initial reaction to Arcus™

Video 2-  Self empowerment and the space around us

Video 3-  The brilliance and beauty of the body

Video 4-  Gratitude and the next part of the journey



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